Dog Rifle - Monogamy

by Obsolete Media

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released February 4, 2017


tags: pop California


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Obsolete Media California

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Track Name: The Bite
Like Scorpions in the night
Fragile fingers clutching knives
Bury your eggs and hide
Keep your poetry inside
Like traces of yellow snow
They mark just where you go
And though they fade
They’re giving you away
You’re sandwiched in sin
You’re drowning in gin
This pair of eyes
Shine ever so bright
You won’t feel the bite
Track Name: Human Nature
Walking in formation like we own the street
Same flavor on our tongues when our eyes meet
Fellas looking at me like I should own the town
But you’re cramping my style and I can’t get down
I can’t help myself
Human nature gonna let it all out
Broken bells
Let them ring out
Pass me a note and turn your insides out
Forlorn little girl I promise not to tell
Take these pills and swallow your fate
Follow me as we merge onto the interstate
My words are always true
So follow me through and through
I ain’t listening to a word you say
Track Name: Monogamy
21st century baby
crawling on my hands and my knees
for your love
as papers stack up around me
at the end of the day the feeling still holds up
you're looking right through me
what are you thinking
am I the man for the job
monogamy says so
trying my best not to hound you
but my compass is pointing your way
as night closes in around us
I'm leaving the rest up to fate
I’m feeling hard up
I’m stating the obvious
I’m filling my car up with love
I’m a criminal
But my crime is a crime of love
So let’s hit it off
And sink straight to the bottom
You’re my millionth customer
Come collect your money
I don’t know where you’ve been
But here’s the key to my heart honey
You’re an original
There are copies all over town
But I’m lonely
You give it all to the others
Try’na find me a way to get you
Come back home now
I’m splitting hairs
When you give me the comb now
Laura Laura Laura Laura
I’ve been running around
So long
in the afterglow
Track Name: Laura
Laura Laura Laura Laura
I’ve been running around
So long
in the afterglow
Track Name: Sun on My Skin
Round and round again
I’ll be back tomorrow
But I don’t know when
Tomorrow might be gone
When the days last
So long
When will my love ever die
Lay down and join me eye to eye
Floating like satellites in the sky
Frozen in the canvas of our lives
Your smile is the sun on my skin
I will drink you up I will take you in
It’s out of our hands you know
When you left me in the afterglow
Track Name: Hello
I don’t want to stay here in this town she said
Coming hard on this troubled bed
I don’t want to lay here in this bed too long
There are people out and children on the lawn
I drove my heart into the ground
You took two weeks and carried on
Ain’t washed your pillow since you’ve gone
Our love is alive
Please hold on
I don’t want to pay for your lifestyle she said
Your starving art just ain’t cutting it
Let’s have a conversation when you get home
You’re cutting out I can’t hear you no more
I bang my head against the wall
I took a job and she wants more
There’s trouble brewing down below
Will you stop and say hello?
Track Name: Jewel Heist
One thousand cars have passed
I’m trying to get back
This darkened road’s led me astray
I lost my way
I’m waiting in the dark
Everybody knows their parts
Let’s blow this fucker blind
I lost my way
Floating in space
These trees are coming down
We’re turning them into houses now
These men in suits coming my way
This rainbow’s at an end
There go all my friends
These men in suits up in my face
I lost my way
Floating in space